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Cocktail Recipes

Whiskey Rickey Cocktail


– 2 parts whiskey

– 1/2 part lime

– 4 parts sparkling water


Mix all together, fill with ice, and enjoy!

Pomegranate Blackberry Cocktail


– 6 or more blackberries
– 1 slice of lime or lemon (your preference)
– 2 sprigs of mint
– 1 1/2 ounces Bacardi Superior rum
– 1 to 1 1/2 ounces of pomegranate liquor
– Honey
– Splash of club soda


Mix the honey, rum, muddled blackberries, and pomegranate liquor together. Add a splash of club soda if you’d like and a few blackberries and mint for garnish.

Cucumber Gin Cocktail


– 1 ½ ounces gin
– ¼ cup or more of diced cucumber
– 2 tablespoons basil leaves
– 1 ½ teaspoons fresh lemon juice
– 1 ½ teaspoons simple syrup (little more if needed)
– club soda


Muddle the diced cucumber, gin, and basil leaves together in a cocktail shaker.
Then add lemon juice and simple syrup. Shake again. Top with club soda.
Garnish with cucumber slices and basil.

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